Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm back ... and school's over by the way

So I'd been busy studying all through December to March (and it did pay off; allow me to boast...I scored a whooping 95.5% in finals), lazied around all April and busy applying for colleges now in May....

School days are over and this is uncanny for me. Things have to move on, they say...

And it got me thinking... about

moving on,
....and I feel this to be the perfect time to post a series I did last year.


although pretty short-lived here in India and connected to final exams through all 13 years of school, I love the season...

In India it'd be a crime to compare your lover (or you enemy for that matter) to a summer's day... therefore, to personify summer I chose a generalized, universal, Shakespearean summer.


Monsoons mean a lot to me...somehow raindrops, gray clouds always go with memories and nostalgia....


  1. Sohini! What a treat to hear from you - CONGRATULATIONS on your having done so well on your finals! Wow, that's awesome. Good luck with your applications to college! I hope everything turns out well. It's a big process, but oh how awesome is the thought of college. I know you will succeed! As for these illustrations...lovely! I really, really enjoy the monsoon illustration as she is pensive, and those colors just get to me. The sky, the beautiful hair, it's perfect. Spring is also just so beautiful. I'm so glad you touched base. You have been missed but you sure got so much work done. Congratulations again! See you at the IF posts soon..I have been so amiss at doing those busy, but I will get back to it someday soon.
    Take good care Sohini!!

  2. Ha Ha! I must bring Monsieur back for a party! You're invited! I thank you for remembering him. How are you? Are you enjoying your time now and painting and creating? I hope so! Happy June to you, Sohini!!

  3. okay, you know what? you need to join the fine arts society ASAP! :) brilliant work.

  4. Thanks! I will join Fine Arts Soc...