Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Holidays= a good time to revive IF-ing!

I feel bad about not doing almost a year's worth of IF. Sigh. I hope to launch the good old habit again with this week's theme.

IF: Launch

Sinohi decided that it was good time to launch her career in the rocket-business.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

this year(I mean academic college year, I'm no time-traveller) ran like a rabbit on roller skates

and here's my little 'miscellaneous' works, college creativity, shall we say:

First up, my first logo-design which now is the official logo (shiny sparks) of the Shakespeare Society's annual one-act play competition, the Rajpal Memorial:

While I'm at it, I designed the poster (and had much fun backstage) for the Shakespeare Society's annual production, Othello. The poster has three versions:

1. I call this the pull the strings version:

2. and this the bad anime version

3. and I don't call this anything, it's the official poster-cum-brochure-cover version

note: the Othello-Desdemona-Iago of 1 & 2 are all paper cut-outs

and then another logo for the English Literary Society's annual fest LOGOS:

this year's theme: Literature and the Body, hence the open book, the torso emerging from it which transforms into the nib of a pen writing the book.

I might as well put up the stuff drawn for blogs: illustration of The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes (for the English Literary Society's blog)

2. follow me!
3. and the header for a blog which a few of us have just begun (click picture, go visit!)

and this was a little musical endeavour:

So it's been quite an interesting First Year... of posters and logos and elephants and all, so here's looking at a more-creative second year:

(and this was random)