Thursday, July 9, 2009

IF: Shaky


Grandpa trying to eat jelly—can anything be more shaky?


  1. héhéhé very nice!

    well done


  2. Cute and funny! Good work! Is he gonna eat all that?

  3. this is a brilliant concept, i love the fact that grandpa is as shaky as the jelly! its very comical x

  4. Jello - of course - the most shaky of all!

  5. haha - your illustration put a huge smile on my face! it's fantastic and I like how it's not too serious or dramatic in terms of your interpretation of the theme shaky. nice!
    linda (

  6. Wonderful illustration - your linework is really working well here!!! Great piece! So as for posting the lovely blog award, take the little image of the award from my post (just click and drag it to your desktop) (I'm on a Mac) so I hope this works for a PC as well, and then you create a new post and put that little picture into your post, along with the verbiage about "the rules" and include the 15 links to the other bloggers you're going to nominate. I didn't know how to have their names "clickable" to go to their links, so I just found their links, cut and paste their URLs and included them into the text. After that, I notified each of the nominees about their hope that helps! All the best!!