Monday, June 8, 2009

IF: Craving


Kip has no one to call his own...On seeing a picture-perfect family, Kip's craving for love and care and company was awakened all over again.

I have experimented with a colour scheme completely new to me, what do you think of it?


  1. beautiful illustration, but so sad...

  2. NICE ONE! REALLY GREAT JOB!It´s a well done work, and it´s a great interpretation of the subject.

  3. I think your new template is working well. I think this will really give you a sense of contrast when you're that's super that you've done this. Sometimes I find that color is so tricky..and they always say that the designs that work best, work best in black and white first, so trying this neutral palette is super. Very nice take on the word this week, although sad, it unfortunately is true for some I'm sure.
    Nice work!!